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  • Where is JetQuest based?
    Our head office is in Houston, Texas. However, we have employees all across the globe.
  • What is JetQuest?
    JetQuest is a global travel community. We pre-plan the entire trip for you and deliver a life-changing experience for all of our travelers.
  • Where have you guys traveled already?
    So far, we have gone to: - Cairo, Egypt - Hurghada, Egypt - Luxor, Egypt - Tulum, Mexico - Montego Bay, Jamaica - Cartagena, Colombia - Cancun, Mexico - Phuket, Thailand - Panama City, Panama - Bali, Indonesia - Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
  • Who all can come on a JetQuest Trip?
    Anyone over 18 years old. We are tired of hearing people say that they haven't gone on any trips because they have no one to go with! Our mission is to provide a great travel experience for all of our travelers, whether they're traveling solor or with others.
  • Can I go on a JetQuest if I'm alone, or have never traveled internationally?
    Absolutely! Once you pay for your trip and sign all proper documents, you will be accepted into that trip's group and be able to meet everyone else going on the trip. You can ask questions and get to know people before you even get there!
  • What are the future destinations you have planned?
    Subscribe to our email list to be updated for all of our future trips and get information on all things JetQuest! Our goal is to have hundreds of trips per year as we grow.
  • Are flights included in group trips?
    Flights are not included b/c we have travelers headed to the destination from all across the globe. In the future, however, including flights in our pricing could be something that we do offer.
  • How much are private trips?
    We aim to keep the cost of the trip within the budget you ask. We do how however require a $50 deposit for a phone consultation.
  • Why is there a $50 consultation fee for custom trips?
    This fee is so that our travel agent can get on the phone with you and go over all the information that you entered in the form. After that you will be asked to pay a deposit for the itinerary to begin.
  • How many people can go on a private trip?
    We accommodate all size groups!
  • Why don't you allow refunds on trips?
    We strongly suggest purchasing travel insurance. Cancellation request made within 48 hours will receive a full refund. Cancellation requests made before the 90-day threshold before the trip are eligible to receive a partial refund credit to use towards another trip. (Initial down payments on payment plans are not refundable). Cancellation requests made after the 90-day threshold prior to the trip are not eligible for refunds.
  • Why is it more expensive to book with a payment plan?
    Payment plans add an additional cost to account for up-front trip expenses and convenience.


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